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Encouraging, Motivating, & Compelling Others



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I am an empowerment speaker, whole-food, plant-based diet enthusiast, and inspirational blogger. 

My entire adult life has presented opportunities for me to speak to groups. It’s been my pleasure to encourage, motivate, and compel adults to make positive changes in their lives for the past 40+ years. 


Why blog and why speak?

I’ve learned some lessons over the years that might help you as you go through some of the same things I’ve gone through....raising children, homeschooling, surviving the empty nest, grieving the loss of a parent, becoming a healthier version of me, discovering what I was created to do and learning to live intentionally. I’m also still learning on this journey we call life. I want to encourage you. I want you to discover what brings joy. I want you to live intentionally, one day at a time. I'm here to help.