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I'll Show You an Influencer

Oct 01, 2021

I don’t even remember her name. I think her first name was Becky, but I’m unsure of her last name. I was a young woman attending a ladies’ church event. I don’t remember the location of the meeting. I don’t remember the scripture she shared or the songs we sang. All I remember is her personal testimony of what God was doing in her life and the commitment she had made. That is all it took to change the course of my life forever. Just her testimony.


This Becky lady shared with us how she had felt led to start spending one hour with God every day by using a prayer journal. She would write scripture in her prayer journal every day and then write a prayer to God. At the time of this meeting, she had been doing this for about fourteen years. I was amazed. I struggled as a young woman to find time to talk with God & to read my Bible. I always wanted to make it a habit in my life, but it never seemed to happen to me. Until I met her and heard her speak. She was an influencer in my life.


Her story never left me. God used it I’m convinced. I started using blank prayer journals when I returned home. Year by year, it started to become a habit for me. I never consistently spent one hour each day using my prayer journal, but I did consistently spend 20 to 30 minutes. Sometimes 40 minutes when I could. Of course, I talked to God all through the day, but year after year, I found myself in a quiet spot pouring my heart out to God in these prayer journals. Praying for my kids. Praying for my husband. Praying that I would be a light in a dark world. Praying for God’s direction in my life always. Praying for desperate situations. Mostly thanking God for His goodness to me. It created in me a grateful heart. I realized just how needy I was as I wrote my prayers each day.


Looking back at those old journals, some 35 years old, I can see where God answered so many prayers. I am encouraged that He came through so many times, always in His timing. I’m convinced He heard me as I wrote those prayers to Him. Sometimes I didn't even know what to say to Him.


This woman from my past, whose name I can’t remember, spoke life into me when I was young, and needed to hear her story. God used her to forever change me. I am so thankful that I couldn’t get her testimony out of my mind and eventually started my own habit of time alone with my Heavenly Father.


How many others did she touch? Only God knows.


I want to be that person who touches the lives of others, don’t you?


I want to speak life into people by sharing my own story of God’s goodness.


I want to forever change the course of peoples' lives for the better like Becky did for me.


I don’t care if they remember my name or where they heard me speak.


I just want my story to linger in their hearts until they change & allow God to work mightily.


I want to be that kind of influencer.