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Consider the End

Apr 04, 2023

This past week, I attended one of my favorite uncle’s celebration of life service, after his recent passing, and it reminded me yet again of the importance of living intentionally.


My Uncle Larry’s service was beautiful. All his grown children and his grandchildren spoke of the legacy he left for them. His son, Marc, compared his dad’s legacy to a path through the woods from one place to another. A path that others follow once it’s made. What a beautiful analogy.


One by one his children and grandchildren shared the memories of the gentle, loving, godly man my Uncle Larry was to all who knew him. I share those memories of “that man” too. I always felt loved and accepted by my Uncle Larry. He and my Aunt Jerry had such a positive influence in my life and I will always be grateful for them.


As I’ve reflected on this past week, I was reminded of one of Stephen Covey’s Habits in his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The second Habit is to Begin with the End in Mind. It’s about intentionally doing today those things that will determine the person you will become.


If we think about the end now….our end…..our funeral or celebration of life…..what memories will our loved ones and friends have of us one day? What path are we making for them to follow? What legacy are we leaving behind?


Fast forward to the present. What person are we hoping to become? Spiritually? Physically? Relationally? Professionally? Are we working every day to become that person? Or are we allowing other people, distractions, and the circumstances of life to dictate who we are by default?


Do you want to be kind? Gentle? Godly? Generous? Loving? A hard worker? Educated? Goal-oriented? Healthy? Financially independent? Non-judgmental? Patient?


Slow down for a hot minute and do some reflection. See that person you want to be in the end. Life is short. Start that path that you want others to follow moving forward. It’s not too late, but you have to be intentional…..every day.


I have to write my values & goals down every day in my Intentional Living Planner, so I don’t forget where I’m going. I’m easily distracted. I also write tasks each day that I want to complete that will get me closer to my goals.


Since my Uncle Larry’s passing and service, I have a new goal to write in my planner. I want to make memories with my children and grandchildren and I want to be intentional about expressing my faith with them.


How about you? Are you living in an intentional way that will lead you to the person you want to become? OR is life just happening by default?


One thing is certain. The END will come for all of us.


Let’s reflect on this more & start that path of intentionality.