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Wellness Weekend for Women Success

Apr 16, 2022

When I first had the vision for the Wellness Weekend for Women, I knew I wanted it to be an event full of learning, inspiration, and fun. I wanted women to walk away from the event informed, but also motivated and ready to make some healthy changes. I wanted them to see practically how this way of eating could work for them.



I started planning. I found a nearby state park that I thought would make a relaxing venue for my first event. The park staff was so easy to work with throughout the planning process.


Even though they would not allow me to cook on-site, they agreed to prepare “Food for Life” recipes for the participants.


After much planning and preparation, I arrived at the park the morning of the event.


Emotion filled my heart to the point of tears a few times. I felt incredibly grateful that this dream was coming to fruition.


Women were actually traveling to my event. These women were going to hear the information that changed the course of my health. These women were going to gain the knowledge & inspiration that could change the course of their health & well-being. What responsibility I have before me.


I prayed a lot that day, as I got the room ready for the event.


As the women arrived, I could tell it was going to be a great weekend. They were accepting of new information, patient with me, and overall showed great interest in this plant-based way of eating. Many took notes and I loaded them down with new recipes and handouts. The prepared plant-based food was amazing.


For breakfast on Saturday morning, we had scrambled tofu with peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Whole-wheat tortillas were available if guests wanted to wrap their tofu scramble up. We also had roasted potatoes, whole-wheat pancakes with maple syrup, and lots of fruit. Some of the women had never tasted tofu before that meal and many were pleasantly surprised.


For lunch, we were served rice with lentil stew. In addition, we had tossed salad with three vegan dressings to try. We had veggie sandwich wraps with hummus, more fruit, and orzo salad. During breaks, we had veggie trays and fruit cups. Oh yeah, coffee followed us everywhere.


I had invited Caroline Simmons, the owner of Curves in Wytheville, VA, to be my guest speaker. She spoke about the importance of movement. She led line dancing Friday night (which was a blast), Saturday morning stretch, and an exercise band session. Caroline brought her Team with her to the event and I am so glad she did. Caroline and her Team brought such energy and encouragement to the whole event. They are all plant-based by the way.


They were the icing on the cake…wait….they were the sriracha on the tofu scramble. Ha!


I have heard from several of the women who attended the first Wellness Weekend for Women. They are making changes. Some are starting meatless Mondays. Some are converting to a total plant-based way of eating. They are trying new recipes. They are losing weight.


I’m so grateful to be given this opportunity in life. I’m so grateful to influence & encourage women to make positive changes in their lives. Changes that may alter the course of their life. Changes that may contribute to a longer life. Changes that will make them happier and healthier. What a privilege is mine.


Plans are being made now for a fall 2022 Wellness Weekend for Women in another location.


Then get ready for 2023, as this event explodes.


If you didn't get to attend the Wellness Weekend for Women, plan to attend the next one. I think you will find that it adds value to your life.


Need a speaker at your next event? Send me a message & we will get something on the calendar.