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Intentional Planners

My goal and task-setting planners are created to help you stay focused each day toward your goals. 

Intentional Living Planner

Plan each day based on your goals. Make things happen in your life by planning and living intentionally. 

This is not a calendar.
This is a goal and task-setting workbook created to help you stay focused on where you are going and move you forward each day toward your goals. I have included 3 meal blocks each day so you can plan your healthy breakfast, lunch, and supper too. 

This spiral bound planner will give you 3-months of happy planning. 


Eating Intentionally Planner

Ever find a recipe that you want to make, go to the grocery store and buy the ingredients, only to come home and forget where you saw the recipe? I have. I need some organizational help. That’s why I created this spiral-bound eating intentionally planner. 

There is a place to list recipe ideas that you’d like to make in the near future, a place to list where you found those recipes (internet, cookbook, recipe app, etc.), a place to list the groceries needed for the week, and a place to plan your whole week of healthy eating. 

This spiral-bound planner is perfect for the person who wants to eat intentionally by planning ahead. 


Student Planner

This planner includes monthly calendars, as well as space for weekly assignments and tasks 

It is imperative that students stay organized, whether they are in high school or college. This provides a whole academic year of planning and organizing space. It is not dated, but dates can be easily written in on the monthly calendars. 

Give your student a head start by gifting them with this beautiful student planner. Spiral bound.